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Today's Best Freebies. Updated: June 21, 2024

What are freebies?

Freebies are services, products, samples etc that are given away for free (no cost to you). There are tons of different freebies you can claim in the UK. Our community of freebie hunters seach the internet and psot the best free stuff daily. In the past we have seen free perfume samples. free greetings cards, free pet food and plenty more.

How do I claim free stuff?

Search through our freebies and choose your favourites. On the partner site they will ask for your details such as your email address or your delivery address to send the free sample. Always check that the company is legitimate and use a spare email address if your claiming lots of freebies. Extreme Savers brings the best freebies each day for you to apply for online.

Where do I get free samples from?

Free Samples in the UK will come from allsorts of different companies, We have seen Tena, Boots, The Perfume Shop, Amazon & loads more giveaway freebies. Most freebies are simple enough to apply for online, some of them may ask you to pay postage so it’s worth considering whether or not it is worth claiming that particular freebie.

Do Amazon UK do free stuff?

Yes, Amazon has tons of free stuff. You can claim a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Amazon Kindle Unlimited and much more. Amazon also giveaway free samples to customers, keep an eye out on the site for them as they don’t popup very often.

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