Community Rules

  1.  Post Genuine Deals: We encourage our community members to share only authentic deals and discounts that provide real value to others. Please ensure that all deals posted are legitimate and verified before sharing them on Extreme Savers.
  2.  No Abuse of the System: Any form of abuse or exploitation of the platform will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to spamming, creating multiple accounts for the purpose of manipulation, or attempting to deceive other users. Extreme Savers. is dedicated to maintaining a fair and trustworthy environment for all members.
  3.  No Affiliate Links: To maintain transparency and fairness, affiliate links are strictly prohibited on Extreme Savers.. We prioritize genuine deals over any form of affiliate marketing. Please refrain from posting links that generate personal revenue or benefit through affiliate programs.
  4.  No Self-Promotion: While we encourage active participation and engagement within the community, self-promotion is not permitted. This includes promoting personal websites, businesses, or services. Extreme Savers is a platform dedicated to sharing deals and discounts for the benefit of all members, rather than for individual promotion.
  5.  Respectful Communication: Treat fellow community members with respect and courtesy. Avoid any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive language in your interactions. Let’s foster a positive and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to participate.
  6.  Report Suspicious Activity: If you come across any suspicious activity or violations of these community rules, please report them to the moderators immediately. Your contribution to maintaining the integrity of Extreme Savers is greatly appreciated.

By adhering to these community rules, we can ensure that Extreme Savers remains a reliable and valuable platform for discovering the best deals and discounts online. For more information refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

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