Are you happy with the 2024 election result?

Are you happy with the 2024 election result?

Are you happy with the 2024 election result?

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Are you happy with the 2024 election results?

The UK general election held on July 4, 2024, has resulted in a significant shift in the political landscape. The Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, achieved a historic victory, winning a substantial majority in the House of Commons. Labour secured 365 seats with 43.6% of the vote, while the Conservative Party, led by Rishi Sunak, experienced a major defeat, obtaining only 81 seats, down from 365 in the previous election. (Wikipedia)​​ (POLITICO)​.

This election was the first to be contested under the new constituency boundaries established by the 2023 Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies. These changes resulted in the redistribution of seats across the UK, with England gaining seats in the south and losing some in the north, and Scotland and Wales both losing a few seats. (Wikipedia)​.

In addition to Labour’s landslide, the Liberal Democrats saw a resurgence, increasing their seat count significantly, while the Scottish National Party (SNP) maintained a strong presence in Scotland despite minor losses. Other smaller parties, such as the Green Party and Plaid Cymru, also managed to secure representation. (UK Parliament election results)​​ (Commons Library)​.

The aftermath of the election has seen Rishi Sunak resigning as the leader of the Conservative Party, with political analysts suggesting that the results indicate a major realignment in voter preferences and a challenging road ahead for the Tories to rebuild their support base. (POLITICO)​.

For detailed constituency-level results and further analysis, the official election results map and comprehensive breakdowns will be available from the House of Commons Library and other sources by mid-July.(UK Parliament election results)​​ (Commons Library)​.

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